No Minors Allowed in Movieland!

By Austin

May 15, 2009

Category: Photography


I suspect the colour that my fancy blog chooses for this photo will be awesome, but it could be any shade of grey as well. We’ll see.

I have to post my video today and I haven’t really filmed it… or thought about it. I was going to drink rootbeer in it…

Updating this is really fun. I learned how to do watermarks today. Which is great. I think I might update this more often than I previously said I would. I would also like to make some sort of point to the text I’m posting, rather than just talking about nothing, or the day or what have you. Any ideas?

I’m leaving for Boston in 15 days. Nick just came back from Peru with the most brillianant photos ever. He said that he took a polarizer. I think I’m going to buy one. They are $70, what do you think? Good buy? His pictures looked awesome. especially the sky and the green of Machu Picchu.


2 Responses to “No Minors Allowed in Movieland!”

  1. another great one!

  2. Dude. I have polarized filters for my Nikon and i love them, I’d say go for a polarizer.

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